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Do you want more? Exceptional?

Exceptional homes for your hard-earned money and Exceptional money for your hard-earned homes?

I want that for you as well!

So my real work starts where others stop.

Hi! My name is Home Strategies and Exceptional is where I live. It's also what I believe I need to be to justify our real estate fees, deserve your trust, be Exceptional myself, and get you Exceptional outcomes.

What do you think?

Where do YOU want to live? In an Exceptional world? Let me take you there, it's where I live.


For Home Sellers



For Home Buyers

Crafting Strategies leading to Exceptional Outcomes

for Home Buyers and Home Sellers across Ottawa everyday, one home at a time...

...and taking the time to Celebrate  each success and use the opportunity to raise standards.

And so let's take the time and celebrate each of these exceptional outcomes my strategies delivered for the many home buyers and sellers I've had the honor to work for this past year and dedicate this prestigious award I was recognized with to our blazing successes and make sure we use each their stories to redefine your own exceptional outcomes.

This one goes to you all, and will benefit all of you.



Gold Award

One of the most coveted awards, the Royal LePage President's Gold Award is earned by Realtors achieving a certain volume of transaction for a given period, ranking them within the top 6% to 10% of all Realtors in Ottawa.

Recipients of this prestigious award are reminded that a strong focus on always doing what is best for clients and that an unwavering commitment to protecting consumers' rights and best interests is always rewarded.

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